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With the application of chemical medical drugs the symptoms of a disease will usually disappear. But is the disease itself truly gone?

Nowadays, we take inordinate amounts of chemical medical products that either block an organ and tissue processes or induce them to carry out functions that they do not necessarily have the condition to perform. In fact, the general concept of a modern drug medicine is a forceful compulsion of a human body to erase the symptoms of a disease, force the heart to perform a rhythmic heartbeat, force the stomach to synthesize a smaller quantity of acid (e.g. to prevent pain in the case of stomach ulcer), and decrease high temperature ignoring the cause.

Can we safely say that when we take these drugs and force our bodies to go into overdrive, we manage to fix the problem? Unfortunately, not.


DETA Accessories Aerobic Oxygen

Electromagnetic therapy devices for personal use. Used for treatment of various diseases and health related problems.

The accessories make Deta equipment usage become more comfortable.



Aerobic Oxygen products.